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BIOL 458 Quantitative Ecology

This course will provide an introduction to the application of mathematical and statistical tools to problems in the field of ecology, using examples from individual, population, community, and ecosystem ecology. Coursework will explore the relationships between models, hypotheses, experiments and data.

Biol 364 Mathematical Modelling in Biology

An introduction to the mathematical modelling of biological processes using a variety of techniques including linear difference models, ordinary differential equations, and Markov models. Modelling applications ranging from genetics to ecosystem biology will be addressed.

Biol 457 Analysis of Communities Winter 2017

A study of the organization, structure and development of communities with emphasis on vegetation change. Topics include: diversity, stability; succession; sampling procedures and multivariate analysis.

Biol 499 Senior Honours Project

A senior-year research project. [Note: Normally, only students attaining either a 73% or better cumulative major average or a 78% or better major average in their two most recent terms (normally 3A and 3B) will be accepted into this course. May only be taken with the permission of the BIOL 499 co-ordinator.

Biol 652 Advanced Ecology

Discussion of the major concepts in ecology, and current advances in selected topics. A broad overview of important ideas in population, community and ecosystem ecology will be provided, and following this, recently published research results on a subset of topics will become the central focus of the course. Topics might include but are not limited to: spatial-temporal dynamics of populations, meta- and hierarchical community structure, and species-specific influences on ecosystem function.