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Take BIOL 364 Mathematical Modelling in Biology

Prediction is the holy grail of biology. Problems ranging from disease control to water quality protection cry out for the need to predict future conditions. BIOL 364 is your gateway to modelling skills that enable you to answer questions such as "will I die in the zombie apocalypse?", or "can trees evolve feet in time to deal with climate change". Yes, there is a lot of math, but then again, there's even more biology. Mathematical modelling: its your key to career success in genetics, physiology, epidemiology,and ecology.

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Prereq: One of MATH 116,127,137,147; Level at least 3A

Excerpts from 2013 syllabus

Required text: Otto, S. and Day, T. 2007. A biologist’s guide to mathematical modeling in ecology and evolution. Princeton University Press. 732 pp. ISBN-13: 978-0-691-12344-8. On reserve at the library.

Additional text: Edelstein-Keshet, L. 2005 (originally 1988). Mathematical Models in Biology, reprinted by SIAM under the "classics" editions. Also on reserve.

Course learning objectives: Students will be able to construct and analyze simple, aspatial, deterministic dynamic models in discrete or continuous time models with biological content.

Student assessment:

Assignments (4 @ 5% each) 20%

Computer lab 10%

Midterm (50 minutes) 20%

Final Project 25%

Take home final 25%